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Historic Bridges: Columbia County, New York

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Special Bridge Conditions Legend
! Confirmed demolition date within one year or an especially historic bridge that is threatened with demolition at any level.
X The bridge has been confirmed demolished or collapsed.
S The bridge has been dismantled or moved to an offsite location and is not currently available for public viewing.
L Most or all of the original bridge material has been demolished and replaced, including historically significant elements, but some original parts of the bridge remain.
Note: This website cannot guarantee the current condition of any bridge on this website. Bridges lacking these icons should not necessarily be considered condition-free.

Total Bridges Found: 6

 Bridge Name HSR Rating Facility Carried / Feature Intersected LocationStructure Type Structure DimensionsConstruction Date / Builder or Contractor DescriptionThumbnail
X Albany Turnpike Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. Albany Turnpike Over Railroad (CSX and Amtrak) East Chatham: Columbia County, New York Metal 10 Panel Rivet-Connected Double-Intersection Warren Through Truss, Fixed Total Length: 118.8 ft
Main Span Length: 115.8 ft
Roadway Width: 16.7 ft
Main Spans: 1
1910 By: Berlin Construction Company of Berlin Connecticut This bridge is noted for its uncommon truss configuration and heavy skew.Bridge.
Ferry Street Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. Ferry Street Over Railroad (CSX and Amtrak) Hudson: Columbia County, New York Metal 10 Panel Rivet-Connected Double-Intersection Warren Pony Truss, Fixed Total Length: 71 ft
Main Span Length: 69 ft
Roadway Width: 34.8 ft
Main Spans: 1
1905 By: Unknown This truss bridge is noted for both its truss configuration and its use of three truss lines.Bridge.
Rip Van Winkle Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. NY-23 Over Hudson River and Railroad (CSX) Catskill: Columbia County, New York and Greene County, New York Metal Cantilever Rivet-Connected Warren Through Truss, Fixed and Approach Spans: Metal Cantilever Rivet-Connected Deck Truss, Fixed Total Length: 5040 ft
Main Span Length: 400 ft
Roadway Width: 33.8 ft
Main Spans: 3
1935 By: Frederick Snare Construction Corporation of New York, New York Nearly a mile long, this is a monumental cantilever bridge that displays both through and deck truss cantilever spans.Bridge.
Shaw Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. Van Wyck Lane Over Claverack Creek Rural: Columbia County, New York Metal 9 Panel Bowstring Pony Truss, Fixed Total Length: 164 ft
Main Span Length: 80 ft
Roadway Width: 10.5 ft
Main Spans: 2
1870 By: J. D. Hutchinson of Troy, New York and Squire Whipple This is the only surviving multi-span Whipple arch type bowstring.Bridge.
Stuyvesant Falls Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. CR-25A Over Kinderhook Creek Rural: Columbia County, New York Metal Pin-Connected Pennsylvania Through Truss, Fixed Total Length: 206.7 ft
Main Span Length: 202 ft
Roadway Width: 15 ft
Main Spans: 1
1899 By: Berlin Iron Bridge Company of East Berlin, Connecticut This ornate bridge is a rare non-lenticular bridge built by Berlin Iron Bridge Company.Bridge.
! White Mills Road Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. White Mills Road Over Railroad (CSX and Amtrak) Rural: Columbia County, New York Metal 7 Panel Rivet-Connected Double-Intersection Warren Pony Truss, Fixed Total Length: 70 ft
Main Span Length: 66 ft
Roadway Width: 18.7 ft
Main Spans: 1
1916 By: Boston Bridge Works of Boston, Massachusetts This bridge is an uncommon and attractive double-Warren pony truss overpass.Bridge.


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