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Historic Bridges: Scioto County, Ohio

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Special Bridge Conditions Legend
! Confirmed demolition date within one year or an especially historic bridge that is threatened with demolition at any level.
X The bridge has been confirmed demolished or collapsed.
S The bridge has been dismantled or moved to an offsite location and is not currently available for public viewing.
L Most or all of the original bridge material has been demolished and replaced, including historically significant elements, but some original parts of the bridge remain.
Note: This website cannot guarantee the current condition of any bridge on this website. Bridges lacking these icons should not necessarily be considered condition-free.

Total Bridges Found: 8

 Bridge Name HSR Rating Facility Carried / Feature Intersected LocationStructure Type Structure DimensionsConstruction Date / Builder or Contractor DescriptionThumbnail
X CR-19 Bridge
Kentucky Trail Road Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. CR-19 (Kentucky Trail Road) Over Little Scioto River Rural: Scioto County, Ohio Metal 5 Panel Rivet-Connected Warren Pony Truss, Fixed Total Length: 91 ft
Main Span Length: 88 ft
Roadway Width: 14 ft
Main Spans: 1
1929 By: Unknown A traditional Warren pony truss with good historic integrity and an attractive appearance.Bridge.
X Hayport Road Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. Hayport Road (CR-257) Over Pine Creek Rural: Scioto County, Ohio Metal 7 Panel Pin-Connected Pratt Through Truss, Fixed Total Length: 108 ft
Main Span Length: 105 ft
Roadway Width: 18 ft
Main Spans: 1
By: Unknown This attractive through truss adds beauty to its location and continues to serve a functional purpose.Bridge.
Little Scioto River Railroad Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. Railroad (Norfolk Southern) Over Little Scioto River Sciotoville: Scioto County, Ohio Metal 12 Panel Rivet-Connected Modified Warren (Subdivided) Through Truss, Fixed Main Spans: 1 By: Unknown This attractive truss bridge is dwarfed by the historic Ohio River Bridge it it located next to.Bridge.
! Mill Road Bridge
Wizard Oil Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. Mill Road Over Pine Creek Rural: Scioto County, Ohio Metal 8 Panel Pin-Connected Camelback Through Truss, Fixed Total Length: 131 ft
Main Span Length: 129 ft
Roadway Width: 14 ft
Main Spans: 1
By: Unknown Located near an old mill site, this bridge is impressive despite replaced portal bracing.Bridge.
Otway Bridge Approach Span
Historic Significance Rating. Old OH-348 Over Scioto Brush Creek Otway: Scioto County, Ohio Metal 6 Panel Rivet-Connected Polygonal Warren Pony Truss, Fixed Main Spans: 1 1923 By: Unknown This is an attractive truss bridge span that is an approach span for a covered bridge.Bridge.
Rarden Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. OH-73 (Main Street) Over Rarden Creek Rarden: Scioto County, Ohio Concrete Curved Chord Through Girder, Fixed Total Length: 63 ft
Main Span Length: 60 ft
Roadway Width: 23 ft
Main Spans: 1
1930 By: Unknown This bridge is one of the longest spanning examples of a concrete curved girder in Ohio.Bridge.
Sciotoville Railroad Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. Railroad (CSX) Over Ohio River Sciotoville and Siloam: Scioto County, Ohio and Greenup County, Kentucky Metal Continuous 20 Panel Rivet-Connected Modified Warren (Subdivided) Through Truss, Fixed and Approach Spans: Metal 6 Panel Rivet-Connected Warren Deck Truss, Fixed Total Length: 3463 ft
Main Span Length: 775 ft
Main Spans: 2
1916 By: McClintic-Marshall Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Gustav Lindenthal and David Steinman Designed by noted engineers Gustav Lindenthal and David Steinman, this massive, prototypical continuous truss bridge once held a record for length.Bridge.
! Youngs Bridge
Old OH-73 Bridge
Historic Significance Rating. Old OH-73 (TR-79, Laurel Fork Road) Over Dry Run Youngs: Scioto County, Ohio Metal 4 Panel Rivet-Connected Warren Pony Truss, Fixed Total Length: 51 ft
Main Span Length: 49 ft
Roadway Width: 15.4 ft
Main Spans: 1
1920 By: Unknown This bridge only served a couple houses on a dead-end road and would have been a better candidate for rehab instead of replacement.Bridge.


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