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Historic Bridges of Oregon


Oregon has one of the most magnificent, unique, and best preserved collections of historic bridges in the United States. While pre-1900 bridges are rare in this state, those that are extant are of unique and highly noteworthy design. The state's unequaled collection of 20th Century historic bridges are noted for their unusual amount of aesthetic treatment. Unlike modern bridges, historic bridges typically were designed with aesthetics in mind, but in Oregon it seems as though engineers felt a particular need to design bridges with an unusually high level of beauty, perhaps in an attempt to create bridges that were worthy of and complimented the magnificent natural scenery that Oregon is blessed with. Many of the noteworthy historic bridges were designed by noted state bridge engineer Conde McCullough. Oregon has one of the best track records for historic bridge preservation in the country.


Select a location to view the available bridges for that location. Select from the interactive map available below, or select from the text list next to the map. On the map, names in blue denote locations that have bridges available to view.

Clackamas County
Hood River County
Multnomah County
Sherman County
Umatilla County
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