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Heritage Bridges of Québec

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Québec is home to Pont de Québec, one of the greatest bridges in the world, and HistoricBridges.org is proud to offer the most extensive single collection of photos including numerous historical photos of this bridge available on the Internet. Québec has an impressive collection of very significant heritage bridges, and HistoricBridges.org currently has a small number of these bridges featured. Québec is noteworthy in Canada because its highway agency, Transports Québec actually has a heritage bridge preservation program that outlines plans to preserve bridges with heritage value.

Because Canada lacks a National Bridge Inventory, HistoricBridges.org needs help from website visitors like you to identify old concrete and metal bridges with heritage value that are worthy of documentation. Please contact us with suggestions on bridges. We are particularly interested in identifying smaller and rural bridges that are not able to be located easily on the Internet using tools like Google Street view.


Select an administrative region to view the available bridges for that administrative region. Select from the interactive map available below, or select from the text list next to the map. On the map, names in blue denote administrative regions that have bridges available to view.

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