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Railroad (St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad) Over Rivière Saint-François in Rural: Estrie, Québec, Canada
Metal 7 Panel Pin-Connected Pratt Deck Truss, Fixed
Length: 318 ft. Main Span: 163 ft. Main Spans: 2
Built By: Unknown
Pont MacKenzie (MacKenzie Bridge)
HSRNational HSR. Local HSR.

Rough Distance: 2.4 Miles (3.8 Kilometers)

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Rue Bridge (Rue Craig) Over Rivière Saint-François in Richmond: Estrie, Québec, Canada
Metal 20 Panel Rivet-Connected Double-Intersection Warren Through Truss, Fixed
Length: 760 ft. Main Span: 370 ft. Roadway: 18 ft. Main Spans: 2
Built 1903 By: Dominion Bridge Company of Montréal, Québec

Special Bridge Conditions Legend: R - Former location of relocated bridge. ! - At risk for demolition or destruction. X - Confirmed demolished or collapsed. S  - Dismantled and/or in storage. L -  Severe loss of historic integrity due to alteration.





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