Wood Frogs


Wood Frogs are the frogs I most commonly see and photograph. This is due to two reasons. One is that I live near a good habitat for them. The other is that of all the frogs I have dealt with, Wood Frogs are by far the most tame. They are easy to sneak up on to photograph, or catch. After caught, they are relatively calm, and are easy to have sit somewhere and take a picture of them. If I am patient standing in the pond I visit, the wood frogs will swim right up around my legs! Although I don't usually go out and photograph them during the summer, the wood frogs are fairly easy to find in the woods even after the breeding season. Along with the Western Chorus Frogs and Spring Peeper they are the earliest breeders. Their quack / laugh like call is relatively quiet. I actually listen for the loud calls of the Western Chorus Frogs, which carry a long ways, as an indicator if the Wood Frogs are out. They tend to breed during the same time. Prime breeding season only lasts a couple weeks, so I have to get my photos when they are out whether I feel like it or not! Like most frogs, they like a moist night to mate by, but these frogs are still quite active during sunny days also.

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