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My visits to historic bridges have resulted in a wide variety of unique photo opportunities for some of the plants and animals that hang out those bridges. In addition I have also photographed frogs in a backyard pond in the past, and have been able to produce some decent photos of them. Some of these natural world photos were nice enough that I decided I should create this little mini-website to make these photos available for the public to view.

The frogs page is the most extensive and impressive and also includes some general frog information along with the pictures. If natural world photos interest you, every category should have something that interests you. However, to point out some of the highlights, photos of a deer fawn are in "Other Nature Photos" category. Photos of butterflies, and some very cool damselflies are in the insects category. I had huge success photographing a tame snake that was out way to early in the season, and so I made it into its own category.

Frogs of Michigan


Ribbon/Garter Snake



Other Natural World Photos

Land Snail

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