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Welcome: This page provides a simple search of selected years of the National Bridge Inventory data. All options are optional, however be aware that all searches are limited to the first 4,000 results, so if you see 4,000 results, assume some results are not shown, and consider refining your search. An alternate location-based search for the 2021 NBI is also available below. This is useful if you see a bridge on a map and want to find it quickly.

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Results within 10 kilometers (6.5 miles) will be returned, and will be ordered by distance from the coordinates you searched with.

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Notes, Bugs, and Limitations: The NBI has traditionally had a fair number of errors, and different states have different quirks (such as inventory number format). Given that the USA has over 600,000 bridges, plus the fact that HistoricBridges.org is offering the inventory in a nationwide format allowing for multi-state searches, manual tweaking of any problems or errors is not possible. A few troublesome, little-used, and often inaccurate fields (such as the estimated repair cost fields) have been eliminated as well to try to address any problems. For inventory numbers, be aware that "Num:" has been appended to the front and "x" has been appended to the end, to prevent the database that powers this search tool from converting inventory numbers into improperly formatted integers. Location coordinates accuracy varies by state. Inaccurate coordinates can break the Google Street View links, as well as other linkage on this website (such as the nearby bridges in the NBI links found in the Bridge Browser). Data errors in the source NBI data provided by FHWA may have resulted in a small number of bridges either not being listed, or having some fields display the wrong information. Any concerns with a bridge in this data or the data itself should be sent to the owner of the bridge in question (Not HistoricBridges.org!). HistoricBridges.org is offering this database as-is, since we lack the resources to address any remaining data conversion bugs in a database of this size which is updated yearly.




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