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1. We welcome emails with factual corrections or updates in regards to the status (demolition, collapse, replacement etc) of a bridge already listed on the Bridge Browser. PLEASE!!!! State the name and location of any bridge(s) you are emailing about! The system does not automatically convey this information to us!

2. We do not perform research. All information we have on bridges is on this website. If its not on this website, then we do not know the answer. Please instead post your question on the BridgeHunter.com Forum. HistoricBridges.org works closely with BridgeHunter and many bridge enthusiasts are active there (including this website's author) and may be able to help.

3. Please contact us with questions in regards to using our photos in a public setting, published/printed work, social media, or website.

4. Please do not contact us asking why a particular bridge in any country except Canada (discussed below) is not on the Bridge Browser. This is a selective documentation of bridges, not a comprehensive database. If you are looking for a bridge in the United States and cannot find it here, check to see if the bridge is listed on BridgeHunter.com and if not, either add the bridge yourself, or post a note in the Forum and perhaps someone else will add it.

5. Canada! We continue to have an interest in any metal truss bridges or concrete arch bridges in Ontario and Quebec. Feel free to send photos or information about bridges in these provinces to us that are not listed on the Bridge Browser.

6. We do not do phone interviews! We will respond to requests for email interviews as time allows.

7. If you need help saving a bridge, please be aware that this process is extremely difficult and time consuming and we do not have the time to guide every group that comes along. Please review the How to Save a Bridge page on the Historic Bridge Foundation page and be aware if you email us about a bridge you want to save we may have limited time to assist you. If you are in need of engineering or contracting services to restore a bridge (a process that costs in the hundreds of thousands even for a small pony truss) than please direct your inquiry to Bach Steel.

8. We do not own any of the bridges on this website. If you have a complaint about a bridge contact its owner, not us. We also do not offer any sort of legal assistance.

9. If you wish to purchase an image/photo (payment by PalPal preferred) you may also contact us.

Please contact us by email below, only after you read and understand the above rules. If you are contacting us about a specific bridge, please don't forget to let us know which bridge you are referring to.

Please contact us at webmaster@historicbridges.org




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