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Historic Bridge Finder App: Find Nearby Bridges

The App Is Currently Unavailable While We Work To Design A New App That Is Compatible With Modern Devices

The Historic Bridge Finder App, produced by the Historic Bridge Foundation, is an app that uses Google Maps and allows you to instantly locate and visit all historic bridges on the HistoricBridges.org Bridge Browser, including instantly listing all bridges that are near your current location (and have not been demolished yet). These features are not available using the HistoricBridges.org website, so download this Apple/Android app today to quickly find and visit bridges on HistoricBridges.org!

The Historic Bridge Foundation’s Historic Bridge Finder App allows you to locate, learn about, and visit historic bridges near your location. With this app it is easy to discover bridges near where you live or when you travel.

This app is powered by the HistoricBridges.org Bridge Browser. The app includes all bridges on the HistoricBridges.org Bridge Browser that are still in existence today. The HistoricBridges.org Bridge Browser database is a work in progress, so if you do not see any bridges for your location, please check back in the future. The app’s database is being expanded as time and funding allows. Your donations to the Historic Bridge Foundation can assist in the further expansion of this database. The app is updated every few months to match any additions or changes that have been made to the HistoricBridges.org database.

The app allows you to find bridges several ways. You can quickly display a map of all bridges near your current location using your phone’s location services. Additionally, you can browse the map on your own to locate bridges, or search for bridges in a location you choose. Lastly, a search tool to filter results on the map is also available. Mark your favorite bridges and the app will keep a list of them for you.




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