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Special Bridge Conditions Legend: R - Former location of relocated bridge. ! - At risk for demolition or destruction. X - Confirmed demolished or collapsed. S  - Dismantled and/or in storage. L -  Severe loss of historic integrity due to alteration.

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Niagara Canyon Bridge
Cisco Bridge / Goldstream Railway Trestle
HSRNational HSR. Local HSR.
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Railroad (Island Corridor Foundation, Southern Railway of British Columbia) Over Niagara Creek in Rural: Capital District, British Columbia, Canada
Metal Cantilever 21 Panel Pin-Connected Pratt Deck Truss, Fixed
Length: 525 ft. Main Span: 315 ft. Main Spans: 3
Built 1884 By: Hawkes, Crayshay and Company of Gateshead, England and Charles Conrad Schneider
Rainbow Bridge
La Conner Bridge
HSRNational HSR. Local HSR.
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Pioneer Parkway Road (Maple Avenue) Over Swinomish Slough in La Conner: Skagit County, Washington, United States
Metal 21 Panel Hingeless Solid Ribbed Through Arch, Fixed and Approach Spans: Concrete T-Beam, Fixed
Length: 792 ft. Main Span: 550 ft. Roadway: 24 ft. Main Spans: 1
Built 1957 By: Neukirch Brothers of Seattle, Washington and Harry R. Powell and Associates
Triple Whipple Bridge
Laughery Creek Bridge
HSRNational HSR. Local HSR.
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IN-56 (Old Alignment) Over Laughery Creek in Buffalo (Rural): Dearborn County, Indiana and Ohio County, Indiana, United States
Metal 21 Panel Pin-Connected Triple Intersection Pratt Through Truss, Fixed
Length: 300 ft. Main Span: 298 ft. Roadway: 17 ft. Main Spans: 1
Built 1878 By: Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio




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