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HistoricBridges.org offers professional detail-oriented photo-documentation, information, and advocacy for all types of historic bridges except covered bridges. HistoricBridges.org believes that changing public funding to focus on the maintenance of existing bridges, whether historic or not, would better solve infrastructure problems in North America. HistoricBridges.org is led by Nathan Holth (Author, Webmaster, and Photographer), Rick McOmber (Photographer and Content Advisor), and Luke Gordon (Photographer). Click Here For The Latest Website Update (6-16-17).

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HistoricBridges.org Features


Featuring historic bridge photo-documentation and narratives, the Bridge Browser documents thousands of bridges in North America. The map shown below is interactive. Places listed in blue text have bridges available. BridgeSeek, an advanced search tool, is also available. Also, a standalone version of the Bridge Browser is available.There are currently 4817 bridges available in the Bridge Browser. Click here to view the latest additions to the Bridge Browser. Note: This list may include pages still under construction.

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Seneca Road Bridge
Hornell: Steuben County, New York This bridge is much wider than the road it carries because it is on a former state highway alignment. Click to visit page.

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Additional Website Features


An Introduction to Historic Bridges

An Introduction to Historic Truss Bridges

Informative presentations designed to introduce viewers to the world of historic bridges. Utilizing photos and diagrams, the various terminology, construction, and configuration of historic bridges is discussed. A presentation on inspecting historic bridges is also available. This page also features some formal, yet easy-to-read, essays that further explore the historic bridge world.


Historic Bridges Encyclopedia

Historic Bridges Encyclopedia

An archive of presentations given by HistoricBridges.org, plus numerous articles relating to historic bridges. This section also includes some non-bridge related photos. Some of the major features include:
- Downloadable presentations previously given by HistoricBridges.org.
- A database of the various iron and steel brands found on bridge metal.
- A discussion of Michigan's ornamental "Type R4" bridge railing.
- An in-depth look at curved chord through girder bridges.


Historic Bridge Park: A Visitor's Guide

Historic Bridge Park: A Visitor's Guide

A comprehensive visitor's guide to this unique park located in Calhoun County, Michigan whose focus is the restored metal truss bridges within the park. Contains maps, photos, and links to bridge browser pages for the historic bridges within the park.


HistoricBridges.org Prints Store

Prints Store

The Prints Store is where you can purchase quality prints of selected photos from HistoricBridges.org taken by Nathan Holth. Photos are organized into folders by state/province. Don't see the bridge and/or photo you would like a print of? Contact us and let us know what photo you would like and we will upload it to the store so you can purchase your prints.


Google Field Trip

A large number (but not all) of HistoricBridges.org's Bridge Browser listings are also included in Google's Field Trip app, which runs on smartphones and Google Glass. It will list (or alert you to) bridges that are nearby, and includes a photo and narrative for the bridge, followed by a link to the corresponding Bridge Browser entry on HistoricBridges.org.


Historic Bridge Newsroom: Twitter

Michigan Historic Bridge Inventory: Metal Truss Bridges

Presented through the convenient format of Twitter, the Historic Bridge Newsroom is a simple collection of links to current news articles about historic bridges, as well as word-of-mouth news snippets. Coverage includes any historic bridges in the United States and Canada, which may or may not be in the Bridge Browser. This is a human-edited list of links; therefore coverage may be biased to the areas that those team members who maintain it are familiar with.


Links to Related Websites

Links to Related Websites

Features a collection of external links to other bridge websites on the Internet. Many other bridge enthusiast websites feature bridges from areas not covered by this website, and links to those websites can be found here.


Website Updates

June 16, 2017 - Ongoing Additions: Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, and Tennessee

Maps and menus have been updated to reflect the slow addition of bridges for Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, and Tennessee. This update marks the addition of Arkansas to the website for the first time. More bridges remain in the queue to be added for Arkansas.

View The Latest Additions To The Website


Chicago's Bridges Book Now Available!

By Nathan Holth, author of HistoricBridges.org, this book provides a discussion of the history of Chicago's movable bridges, and includes a virtual tour discussing all movable bridges remaining in Chicago today. The book includes dozens of full color photos.

Only $9.95 U.S.!
($11.95 Canadian)

Available Now Direct From The Publisher!


Looking For A Pedestrian or Light Vehicular Bridge?

Whether you are a park, trail organization, college, city, or private landowner, you want your property to be something unique and special. Why settle for a boring, dull pre-fabricated pedestrian bridge when you can get a beautiful historic bridge to do the same thing? Many states maintain a list of bridges which you can acquire, relocate and restore, and other individually listed opportunities often are available. These bridges normally can be acquired free of charge, so use the money you were going to put toward buying a pre-fab bridge and instead use it to restore the bridge. Not sure how to restore a bridge? HistoricBridges.org can help guide you to people and firms that can help, or you can just get in touch with Bach Steel. Note: these bridges will be demolished if nobody acquires them.

View Currently Available Bridges List, Maintained By Historic Bridge Foundation


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We do not seek donations for the operation of HistoricBridges.org, nor do we feature advertisements in our content. However if you are interested in helping the cause of historic bridges by financial means, we strongly suggest a tax-deductible donation to the Historic Bridge Foundation:


Historic Bridge Foundation

The Historic Bridge Foundation works to encourage government agencies and officials to preserve historic bridges, the Foundation provides consultation and guidance to individuals and groups seeking to preserve historic bridges. The expertise available at the Foundation is evidenced by the fact that HistoricBridges.org frequently refers people to the Foundation for further assistance beyond what HistoricBridges.org itself provides.

If you have any questions about why a donation to the Historic Bridge Foundation is worthwhile, feel free to contact HistoricBridges.org. Alternatively, learn more about the Historic Bridge Foundation at their website www.historicbridgefoundation.com.


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